2017-2018 Season Roundup

A very productive year for Dartford Basketball Club. 

Medway league - Division 1 - Winners

After an amazing start for the First team suffering only one loss in the first part of the season, things suddenly changed in the last few games of the season and it was all very close at the top of the table between Dartford, Guru, Bromley and Wizards. Who would take the league title?

It all came down to the final game against Guru. Another loss for Dartford but by a very close 2 points. As it turned out as we had equal points to Guru and so it went down to over all point difference between the two clubs and as we had beaten Guru earlier in the war by 30, Dartford took the league one trophy!  

Medway league - Division 2 - Winners

What more can be said about this. The Sharks second team had a fantastic season. In the most part, not understanding a word of English, they dominated the second division from start to finish.  God only knows what was said in those timeouts!  I’m sure team captain Alex was unaware at times.

With not one loss in 15 games Sharks 2 took the 2nd division by a massive 5 points over any other team. 

Medway plate cup - Winners

After losing their first cup game against New House (I think this was a tactical move so we could take two cups and not face each other in the final) Sharks II entered the Medway plate cup where they defeated teams to put them into the final against Eltham Eagles. 

A very close game that could have gone either way but even at the end, with the game in Dartford’s favour and little chance of an Eltham comeback the boys didn’t give up and played right to the final buzzer at full on pace as they had done throughout the season. Even if the final 5 seconds took 5 minutes!!

Medway league cup - Winners

As well as winning league games Dartford Sharks I were flying through cup games winning in impressive style beating Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Guru and moving on to beat Wizards in the final even with us having quite a depleted team if my memory stands correct!

An enjoyable day after seeing the seconds win the plate as well. 

Rose bowl cup - Winners (not so much)

I would love to say that as a club Dartford took everything from 2017/18 season but it was just not meant to be.  Given our phenomenal success in the leagues the handicaps both teams were given in the rose bowl cup were just a step too far. 

Sharks II lost all of the group stage games and Sharks I came close but were knocked out in the semi finals. Close but no cigar!!

In summary, a fantastic year for both teams. Well done to all involved. 

September 1st, 2018 by Andrew Demmon