Sharks I take first game of the Rosebowl Cup

The start of the Rosebowl saw Dartford travel back to Gravesend for another encounter with Guru. This marked the 3rd time that we have travelled to Gravesend so we were all familiar with the journey…well all of us except veteran Dave Marsh who apparently is still trying to find the court. Dartford were looking to continue off of the back of their success in the league but the Rosebowl presents a very different challenge.

Dartford started the game down by 15 points and knew that they had to play a very good game to overcome this deficit. Although Dartford were chipping away at the lead the rust was evident as our passing was not as crisp as we would have liked and our defence was at times very James Harden like as we decided to switch off and allowed far too many easy buckets.

The game was a physical one with lots of contact on both ends of the court and true to form Dartford were becoming frustrated and players began to over play and try to win the game on their own. Once the team was reminded that basketball is a team game and although a player may feel upset at a missed call the ultimate goal is to win and there is always a job to do on the court.

Overall the game was not very pretty but Dartford had some good runs and took advantage of the free throw line to ensure that we came away with the victory.

It was nice to get back onto the court to help us get ready for the Cup final on Saturday

Highlights of the game include some nice blocks from Rokas and Mikel and the physics defying moment where Maher’s goggles decided that they no longer enjoyed being on his face and went for a ride about 6 feet into the air to get a better view of what was happening on the court.

Final Score : 84 - 97

Sharks Scorers : Braknys 23, Neverauskas 22, Schreiber 18, Maher 11, Andrezejewski 6, Demmon 6, Kraft 6, Long 5

April 27th, 2016 by Ben Maher